Attracted to You [Songfic]


Attracted To You

magnaegihyun presents

Starring by Apink, Slight of EXO(Luhan, Sehun, Chanyeol)

Included in Romance, Fluff

Written under T rating

Short Series(1.967 words)



Ya, Chorong, Hayoung dan Bomi memang sedang tertarik dengan seseorang. Tidak-tidak bukan pada satu orang tapi masing-masing dari mereka tertarik dengan seseorang yang mereka sukai. Lalu bagaimana mereka mengatasi ketertarikan mereka? Let’s check it out the story!

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Some, Songfic


Title : Some | Author : magnaegihyun | Genre : Romance, Fluff | Length : 3.939 words | Rating : T | Main Cast : Kang Ji Young, Oh Se Hun | Support Cast : Lee Tae Min, Oh Ha Young, Kim Jong In | Backsound : Some by SoYou & Junggigo ft. Lilboys of Geeks | Poster by mutiabacon

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The Amazing Cinderella, Chapter Three


Title : The Amazing Cinderella | Author : Evil_Yeol ‘^_^’ & magnaegihyun | Length : Chaptered(5.483 words) | Genre : Romance, School Life, Family, Other | Rating : PG | Main Cast : Bae Soo Ji, Kim Myung Soo, Lee Jeong Min, Lee Sung Yeol, Wu Yi Fan and others

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