White Out

Song by Boyfriend

Why am I too late every single time

When you kept giving me signs?

Like a broken screen, my vision keep getting blurred

Did you endure through this all by yourself?


Tell Me Love by History

An option for finding something in my site.


Do You Feel Me by Mr. Mr

An option for finding me in facebook site.


I Need You by A Pink

An option for following my site.


XOXO(Kiss&Hug) by EXO & The Chaser by Infinite

An option for knowing how much reader who chasing my site.


Short Hair by AOA

An option for knowing a short info about me.


Whisper by Kara

An option to know my tweet in twitter.


Pink Tape by f(x)

An option for knowing my new post in instagram.


Back Seat by JYJ

An option to knowing about my school.


Please Tell Me by Girl’s Day

An option for knowing any last comment in this site.


Hot Issue by 4minute

An option for knowing which my post who got best viewer.


Last Romeo by Infinite & Juliette by Shinee & Hyde by VIXX

An option to know what’s the cast and genre in my post.



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